Magnet Design

The Economy Ministry has chosen the MAGNET DESIGN’s concept of Slovenia’s pavilion for Expo 2020, Dubai

The selected concept will present Slovenia as a green oasis of Europe.

The ground floor’s theme will be water, presenting the country’s sea, rivers, lakes, and particularly drinking water. Water will be surrounding the central part or a market with the four cardinal points marked on the floor, representing Slovenia’s position at the nexus of transport routes.

The first floor will be showcasing Slovenia’s forests, with green plants climbing the wooden rim of the structure. The plants will be kept cold and hydrated during the event, providing cooling refreshment for visitors.

The second floor, intended for VIP visitors, will be presenting the Slovenian economy. The pavilion’s roof is set to be designed as a sieve, to honour the long tradition of making wooden ware products in the town of Ribnica, in the south of Slovenia. Wooden sieves and other Ribnica wooden crafts were the first Slovenian products that were given the green light to be sold abroad by a license issued 400 years ago.

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