Magnet Design

Interior design

We are dedicated to your wishes from the first day onwards. Our advantage is that we can truly listen to you.

Living and working spaces are among the most important things in our lives, and that is why when projecting spaces we pay special attention to people to whom they are intended and what is supposed to be their function. Together with the customer we are searching for such spatial conception that responds to his or her needs — regardless whether we are working in a business space, private residence, restaurant, hotel, or one of the public objects such as kindergartens, schools, and medical institutions.

Austria Trend Hotel in Ljubljana, renovation of 200 rooms, 2020

Merkur zavarovalnica, Ljubljana, renovation of offices, 2022

Bank office project in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2020

Light, ergonomics, sound and pleasantness of touch are the elements that we follow.

 In planning the interior we cooperate with Slovenian and foreign producers. We give advantage to natural and healthy materials, traditional craft, and experience of masters. We cooperate with Slovenian designers, architects, and artists, and we are the ambassadors in the development of design and technical excellence. Magnet design is a space of domestic production knowledge and Slovenian creativity.

We only offer what we believe in.