Magnet Design

Procuct design

First impressions matter, still we take care of content as well

Pinus, luxury champagne glasses

Gaia, exclusive glasses

Exhibit design

As exhibit designers we aim to create memorable visitor experiences. We design layouts for exhibitions, shows, business conferences and events of all types. And we don’t stop there.We take it from design concept to final installation. That means we do stages of research, conceptual case study, master planning, concept design, production of exhibit in cooperation with trusted suppliers and client, installation interactive devices. 
When we gather information on this topic, we present ideas that would inspire interest and that are in compliance with budget. Design concepts are presented to client in form of sketches, plans or models generated on computers. We listen careful to comments and do necessary changes until final model is approved. We may also order from suppliers and lead the installation stage.
The end result is beautiful, inspiring and functional exhibition place that will help exhibitor to gain new leads and business opportunities.

IMM Köln 2018

IMM Köln 2018

Pohištveni sejem Beograd 2017

Sejem Dom Ljubljana 2019

Corporate & Brand Identity Design

Logo, petrol and logistics company

Corporate identity design incl. stationery and sign communications design

OVAC Connecting Business, global HR company

Corporate identity design

S.A.B.C, Slovenian Arab Business Council

Corporate identity design incl. stationery design

Vital Ljubljana, Wolleyball Club

Brand identity design incl. stationery design and sportswear design

Budnjani, budne rešitve

Brand identity design incl. stationery and sign communications design

R&D Team

Development orientation from the very beginning

Magnet design has started as a spin-off company under the auspices of consortium RC31 – the development centre of creative furniture industry. RC31 was established with the purpose of developing new innovative solutions. That’s how within the consortium several successful products in the category “wall-furniture” were created, which Magnet design successfully incorporates in his projects and markets them all over the world.

Cooperation with educational and other organizations

Our team cooperates with various educational institutions and centres such as the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Design. We are collaborating well with dr. Peter Gabrijelčič from the Faculty of Architecture and professor Nada Rožmanec Matičič from the Faculty of Design. Without any restrictions we share our knowledge, gained within the development centre and in conducting business on foreign markets. We cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, and other organisations that encourage the transfer of knowledge, entrepreneurship and development.

We are open for partnerships and outside sources of financing 

We are offering good ideas and are glad to offer our knowledge and experiences in the complementary partnerships, which enable growth and development to all partners. We apply for public tenders that enable the building of a business structure abroad, or encourage the development of new products and solutions. We invest a large portion of our funds in this field.