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Gaia Luxury Resort, Puerto Viejo, Carribean, Costa Rica

The Caribbean is the sea, white endless beaches, Costa Rica – Paradise in Central America so close, so easy to reach.
A dream, paradise on earth, is drawn when we open our eyes. Friendly people, the smell of fruit, the sea, the sound of the wind, the song of birds, lush nature, greenery… a lot of greenery, all around.
When you touch this part of the world, your heart really beats, your mind tells you, “Where have you been for so long that you haven’t visited me yet.”
We designed one of most amazing GAIA – Eco Luxury resorts ever to be build. Smart approach and so sensitive Investors, professionals who were beside us supported GAIA Project with most amazing green experience. 
First Gaia Luxury Resort in a row will deliver platform for Authentic experience with natural materials, most destinguished services and on most amazing place on Earth. 
PROJECT: under construction
DESIGN: Robert Klun architects, Magnet design studio
Marketing and Logo design: Eva and Gašper Pavli 
Investors: Uroš Mesojedec, Jaka Dolenc, Gašper Pavli and Robert Klun